A Guide to Make Your Computers Last For a Lifetime

No one can ever resist development. It is an essential factor for humans. Improvement in terms of lifestyle and livelihood become one of the obvious manifestations of development. Computer is one of the best products of technology. It has improved the life of those who believe and use it. It started from a simple organizer for humans and later on became their machine partner. It has the ability to compute any data in just a matter of seconds. It can store tons of confidential files in just a single memory card which is smaller and thinner than a match box.

Its proficiency and performance is truly remarkable. Although developers and creators of computers gained much popularity and money from their invention, they are still looking forward to improve their inventions. They are still seeking for the best computer that will suit and answer all the needs of their customers. They often base the designs of their computers to the latest trend of the society. As a result, it makes it more appealing to the public. Computers nowadays are more affordable than when it was first exposed to the public. It surprisingly becomes a necessity for most of the people. Even though computers and laptops are now affordable, you must not take it for granted. You must provide it with the care it duly deserves.

The parts inside your computer are very sensitive to heat and shaking. Prolonged heating without ventilation can damage the mother board or the main center of your computer. Persistent shaking can also damage either the tiny pieces of your laptops or desktops. If you are a concerned user towards your gadgets, you must also consider its capacity and maintenance. It is much better to use a table which is designed for computers than use an ordinary table. A computer desk is made to secure the physical condition of your computer. It is equipped with the basic components that will help you and your computer. You must also consider some of the important reasons why you need to have a computer desk at home.

A computer desk comes with a computer chair. You must calculate or at least estimate the amount of time you are going to sit and use your computer every day. The size and the model of your computer is also part of the considerations. There are some computer desks that offer proper ventilation for your computer. If you have more than one set of computer at home, you must select a wider and a longer type of computer desk.

It is also wise to match the material of your computer desk to the existing furniture at your home. Most computer desks are made from wood. It is safer to use wood because it has the ability to absorb heat. Metal is also used in modern forms of desks; however its property as conductor of heat can put your computer into danger. In order for you to save some space of your home you must take note of the area where you are going to place your desk.

All About New Generation of Computers

The term computer generation is used in different advancements of new computer technology. Each generation of computers is known by major technological development that fundamentally changed the way computers operate, resulting in increasingly smaller, cheaper, powerful, efficient and reliable gadgets. The first generation of computer was incorporated during the Second World War by Germany to build a war plane. In England, its mode of operation was used to crack German secret codes. Computer generation is man’s innovation of technology as an improvement of early counting machine, ABACUS!

The first computers, which used vacuum tubes, were often enormous in size, occupying entire rooms. They were very expensive to operate. In addition, they used a great deal of electricity, generated a lot of heat which was often the cause of malfunctions. The first computers were developed for the atomic energy industry. Those computers relied on machine language to perform operations and they could only solve one problem at a time. Machine languages are the only languages understood by computers and they are almost impossible for humans to use because they consist entirely of numbers. Therefore, high level computer programming language is used. Every CPU has its own distinctive machine language. Programs must be rewritten to run on different types of computers. Input was based on punch cards and paper tapes while output was displayed on printouts.

During second generation, the transistor was invented in 1947 but didn’t see wide spread use in computers until the late 50s. But later on, transistors became the key component in all digital circuits including computers. Today’s latest microprocessor contains tens of millions of microscopic transistors! The microprocessors brought the latest generation of computers. Thousands of integrated circuits are built up into a single silicon chip that contains a CPU. The silicon chip has reduced the size of computers from the bulky slow computers to a size of computers that can be fixed on desktop or laptop.

Modern computers are far superior allowing them to become smaller, compact, faster, cheaper, more energy saver, more reliable than their first generation predecessors. The computers are getting smaller; hence speed, power and memory have relatively increased. New discoveries are constantly being modified in computers that affect the way we live, work and play. With the latest innovation in technology, computers have become an ultimate necessity for all. Therefore, need of refurbished, cheap computers or used computers have also arisen! Manufacturers of refurbished computers are providing satisfactory service by creating cheap computers with affordable price, giving same performance as the brand new machine. As majority of people are unable to buy new branded models, they opt to buy used computers, cheap refurbished computers which are easily available, convenient to use and works efficiently. Moreover, it is a great means to save money.

The next generation of computers will probably be based on artificial intelligence, which is under development process. It is a branch of computer science concerned with making computers behave like humans! Scientists are beginning to use the term Nanotechnology, although a great deal of progress is yet to be made. Huge research work is required for the development of software to enhance computer works and its robotic applications!

Benefits of Buying Used Computers

New computers are expensive, even the entry-level ones, which prevents many people from owning a computer. With so much of normal life revolving around computers the need for access to a computer increases every day. Want to buy a book? You will need a computer because all the book stores are closing. Want to take night classes? Many are only offered online. Want discounts on your monthly bills? Many companies offer discounts if you opt to receive an electronic bill instead of a paper bill.

One solution is to use the free computers available at public libraries. This is great service if you need to use them and are available to use them during library business hours. Borrowing a computer from family and friends is another option but that gets old in hurry. Another solution is buying a used computer. The average computer user does not need a high-end computer with the latest and fastest processor so a few year old computer is more than adequate.

Fortunately for these people there is no shortage of people looking to sell computers that are in great condition and only a few years old.A computer purchased a couple years ago with the fastest processor available at the time becomes obsolete a lot slower for the average user.

There are relatively few components in a computer that are prone to failure which makes the due diligence process before buying a used computer fairly simple. A few simple tests and thorough inspection are sufficient in most instances and do not require a computer technician and can be performed by persons with basic knowledge of computers.

Hard drive

A computer’s hard drive is vital to its operation and its failure can mean more than just a non functioning computer. It can also mean loss of data stored on it. Backing up important files is good practice for any computer user but especially someone buying a used computer. Affordable back up options include burning files to DVD if the computer has a DVD burner and USB thumb drives.

Hard drives are one of only a couple computer components with moving parts so they can wear out. A hard drive that makes excessive noise or a noise whose volume or pitch varies is not a good thing. The best time to listen to a hard drive is while it is reading or writing data such as while the computer is booting up.

Cooling fan

Several components in a computer and on a mother board generate significant heat so computers have fans to keep them cool. If computer’s fan is not working there is a good chance that some damage has been done to its components. Excessive dust and dirt on the cooling fins of a CPU can prevent the CPU from cooling properly thus increasing the likelihood the CPU may be damaged. To determine if a fan is in good condition listen for an even, low-pitched hum.

Operating system

Reboot a computer several times to test the operating system. It should not take an overly long time to boot up and it should not hang up or pause during the boot process.


All other hardware should also be checked. This includes things like CD or DVD drives, the drawers should open and close smoothing and you should be able to read data from a disc and if they are writable drives you should be able to write to a disc. The keyboard, monitor and mouse should be inspected as well.